The need for placement for children who are considered ‘at risk’ is great, and immediate solutions are required. During our research with the South African Department of Social Services and many other local agencies, we have been asked to consider providing a ‘Place of Safety’ – an emergency shelter – as a first step towards building our village. Such a facility would give the social workers temporary placement options while attempts are made to locate the extended families of destitute children.

Emoyeni is considering purchasing a home in our target area for this purpose. The number of children we will be able to care for will be determined by the size of the home, the number of missionary house parents and assist staff we recruit, and the budget we raise. In the event that natural parents or eligible extended family members are not located for permanent placement, it follows that the Emoyeni Place of Safety would become a feeder house for the Emoyeni Children’s Village.


Emoyeni Orphan Care Center and Training Facility

In 2002, The Emoyeni Mission selected the community of Badplaas in the Albert Luthuli District of Mpumalanga Province to initiate their programs.  In 2006, Prince C.M. Dlamini brother to King Mashwati III of Swaziland and supreme chief over Swazi expatriates living in South Africa. donated approximately 125-meter by 130-meter site in Badplaas to Emoyeni, South Africa. The Emoyeni Mission plans to use the site to build an Orphan Care Center that will care for preschool-aged orphans during the day, allowing older children in child-headed homes to attend school. In addition to caring for the younger children during the day, the center will provide the orphans with at least one good meal a day. The center will also function as a safe haven for children in dangerous or compromising homes.

With the understanding that the Orphan Care Center is the first priority, the Emoyeni Mission also wants to use the Badplaas site to build a community Training & Clinic Center. an Outreach Training Center and a Caretaker's House, and a Gate House for a security guard. The Outreach Training Center will include housing for short-term missions teams, and it will become a launch site for community outreach to the town of Badplaas and possibly other surrounding areas.